Developing your Leadership Influence

Leaders across the globe are recognizing that influence is more important than structural power or authority. We work with leaders on enhancing your influence in matrix organizations, on the teams you lead, and of your diverse stakeholders.

Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

As leaders, one of your most critical responsibilities is to identify, develop and retain your organization’s future leaders. Our programs will help you gain clarity about the competencies needed for your future organization and then identify the development areas among your workforce. We will design the programs or coach your leaders through this process so that you can feel secure that you have prepared your organization for the future.

Transitioning into a Senior Leadership Role

You’ve made it to a leadership position and quickly find out that the saying “it’s lonely at the top” couldn’t be more true. Now you have the astounding task of leading a new team (often your former peers), engaging with a new set of peers (often the C-suite), and learning your job — at the same time. Aspire@Work coaches are ready to be your thought partner on this exciting new journey.