Facilitating Organizational Vision and Strategy

Your most critical work as a leader of your organization is to ensure that your vision for your organization is clear, communicated effectively, and is supported by a defined strategy that will enable you to realize your vision. When was the last time you brought the key stakeholders of this vision together? Aspire@Work consultants will facilitate the necessary process to ensure that your vision is bold, clear, and has the impact you seek.

Optimizing Board of Directors’ Effectiveness

Whether you work for a corporation, association, on nonprofit organization, you likely wish that your Board was more effective and that the Board’s relationship with the leadership team improved.

Sometimes you need one-on-one coaching for your Board Chair, other times you need a series of team development workshops for your entire Board. Where do you start? Aspire@Work coaches Board leaders and facilitates Board meetings to bring out the best in your Board of Directors. We help you identify the aspirations for your Board, assess the gaps and roadblocks, and facilitate the interventions to realize your vision.

Initiating and Implementing Culture Change

Using culture assessments, focus groups, and surveys, Aspire@Work will provide you with a clearer understanding of your organization’s culture.  We then work with you to set your vision for the future.  What do you want to be different? What are the values you want reflected in your culture?  We will co-create a road map for implementing this cultural change and assessing your progress along the way.