Career transition coaching requires its own unique set of discovery, assessment and evaluation tools.

Apire@Work’s, CLARITY QUEST℠ process was designed for this set. Transitions can reflect a range of circumstances — from simply wanting to do something new, to a major life change — relocation, becoming a parent, a change in financial obligations, retiring from one’s profession, to diversifying one’s qualifications and experiences.

Our coaches support these clients through the three critical phases:

The CLARITY QUEST℠ for Career Transition Process



We work with our clients to define their aspirations for their career. We support them to BE BOLD around possibilities that would bring them greater fulfillment and enable them to have a larger impact. We work with them on developing the behaviors that will support them through their search: creativity, tenacity, risk taking, patience and resilience.


With a clear aspiration around the end goal, we help our clients GET CLEAR about both what they bring and what the job market offers. We will assess their motivators, qualifications, strengths, values and experiences. This part usually includes self-assessments such as Gallup Strengths Finder, Strong Career Inventory, Career Anchors, or SVSS.  We also co-develop a research plan to explore the possible areas of interest (function, industry, geography, etc.).

Also in getting clear is ensuring that our clients can tell their story well to potential employers. We work with our clients on all the necessary collateral (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile) as well as on intense interview preparation.


Finally, we do not abandon our career transition clients at the time of the offer. This is their time to HAVE IMPACT in the way they envisioned for themselves. We support them through their negotiation with their new employer and through the onboarding process and/or personal transition. We co-develop their First-90-day plan so that they own and implement success in their new, highly sought after role. There is no greater job than when we see our clients’ aspirations realized.

Meredith helped me to change my professional narrative which gave me a much needed boost in confidence. I immediately began making it to final round interviews for several different companies and organizations, something that had not happened in the past. And then – finally – success! Last month, I began my new job, beating out hundreds of other candidates for a great job with a wonderful company. Meredith was with me every step of the way – pushing me past my comfort zone and helping me grow as a professional. I could not recommend her more highly or thank her enough!
–H.B., PG&E