Team Coaching Process

Aspire@Work team coaching engagements follow our CLARITY QUEST℠ Process:


We start with the aspiration of the team leader and team members. What is the desired state of this team? What do they want to be different, better, or achieve? How will we measure the team’s progress?


This is the data gathering phase of the team coaching engagement. This may include a formal team assessment (TLC Culture, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Team Diagnostic™) or interviews and observations to deliver a clear picture of the strengths and challenges of the team.


Now the team coaching plan emerges and the team coach engages regularly with the team.  We carefully plan some significant team engagements, usually a series of retreats, and also coach the team in their regular team meetings. By providing thoughtful observations, the team coach enhances the awareness of team dynamics and work habits. The team coach then offers tools, models, and practices that target the desired development areas of the team.

This is where the coaching plan emerges, and our clients begin influencing their organizations toward their aspirations. We start with the low hanging fruit and then take on the big stuff. There is no greater joy than seeing our clients have the impact they envisioned for themselves and their organizations.

– Meredith Persily