Technological advances, the global marketplace, and generational diversity in the workforce require successful leaders to adapt, engage, reshape, and influence. Aspire@Work℠ is a leading executive coaching, consulting, and leadership development firm that enables you to succeed in an ever-changing business environment.

We ask the important questions, reframe the issues, and help focus your vision so you can shift your perspective and take action.


“Aspire@Work has delivered a variety of services including leadership development, retreat facilitation, and leadership coaching. They have brought creativity, energy, and focus to all the work they’ve done for us. They are a valued partner and resource.”

Whether just starting a career or an experienced professional, today’s leaders lack the skills needed for their particular journey. Drawn from interviews with more than 60 successful leaders (executives, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others), this book offers new critical insights and strategies for managing across six distinct paths to leadership positions.

Meredith Persily is CEO/founder of executive-coaching firm Aspire@Work, a consultant and facilitator, and adjunct professor at American University. She supports leaders facing the most pressing challenges of complex organizations.


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