Based on our work in Six Paths to Leadership, our onboarding coaching services include a custom approach to your onboarding into leadership positions. Whether you work in human resources and are looking for support of your new leaders or you are a leader who wants a critical thought partner during the first year of a new position, our coaches will help you get off on the right foot!

Our approach to Onboarding Coaching includes the following:

  • Context Awareness: What is unique about your leadership path? Are you an elected, appointed, promoted, outside hire, founder, or family-legacy leader? How does your path influence your incoming opportunities and challenges?
  • Data Collection: Using our Clarity Quest coaching model, what data will we collect to ensure you have the information you need about yourself and your context?
  • Align your coaching goals with your leadership goals: Where will we focus our coaching engagement in order to support your first year in role? What is success in your first 90-180 days in role? What do you need to learn, develop, and demonstrate to reach those goals?

Any onboarding coaching client also has access to our proprietary onboarding toolkit, based on our research for Six Paths to Leadership.