Time is the greatest resource in today’s organizations.

Yet we lose too much time in meetings without clear agendas and outcomes. And, the voices that most need to influence the conversation often are not heard.  Aspire@Work facilitators ensure that your meetings and retreats make excellent use of participants’ time.

How? We solicit input from key stakeholders, identify critical outcomes of the meeting, design the meeting process, and ultimately, facilitate the meeting to meet the organization’s objectives.


Whether you want to engage in a traditional strategic planning process or try something new, Aspire@Work facilitators will work with you to design a strategic planning retreat that reaches your desired outcomes.

We use a variety of methodologies to support our diverse client base: traditional strategic planning as well as appreciative inquiry, road mapping, and systems approaches. And we can facilitate any/all of the following to support your strategic planning:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Vision, Mission and/or Values Statement Development
  • Design Strategies and Action Plan
  • Goals Cascade that brings the plan to the entire organization
  • Stakeholder Analysis

Your executive team is charged with making decisions and setting a vision for your organization. How do you ensure collaboration and leadership within the team?  As the CEO, how do you lead this team of executives to reflect the values and behaviors you want to replicate throughout your entire organization?

Our consultants and coaches work with you to identify where your team is and where you want it to be. Through a series of facilitated meetings, off-sites, and coaching sessions, we work with you to ensure your executive team reaches its potential and has the impact you seek.


Whether you work for a corporation, association, on nonprofit organization, you likely wish that your Board was more effective and that the Board’s relationship with the leadership team improved.

Sometimes you need one-on-one coaching for your Board Chair, other times you need a series of team development workshops for your entire Board. Where do you start? Aspire@Work coaches Board leaders and facilitates Board meetings to bring out the best in your Board of Directors. We help you identify the aspirations for your Board, assess the gaps and roadblocks, and facilitate the interventions to realize your vision.


Your people are your greatest asset.  How ready is your talent to lead now and into the future? At Aspire@Work, our consultants partner with you to design a process that assesses your talent to ensure that you are retaining, growing, and preparing your most critical talent to lead your organization.

Your head of Human Resources is a critical participant in the talent review process, yet too often, these individuals are tasked with facilitating a process when their voices are central to the review.  Bring in a consultant from Aspire@Work, and we can facilitate your established talent review process or design and facilitate a process that will work for you.

Our Operations Teams had recently been restructured, and I needed expertise to help build collaboration, strengthen relationships across all teams, and leverage synergies. Meredith delivered all of those through facilitation of a team retreat using the Appreciative Inquiry methodology. I’m looking forward to working with her more as we continue strengthening our teams.

– Michael, CFO, Conservation Organization