Meredith Marshall,
Executive Coach & Facilitator

­­­Meredith Marshall is a leadership coach, facilitator and culture change consultant specializing in people and culture transformation. She works with organizations, leaders, and teams to build capacity for more aligned, collaborative, and change-adaptive ways of working together that are needed to operate and thrive in ever-changing and increasingly complex environments.

With over 25-years of experience, she offers an alchemy of expertise in: leadership development, culture transformation, risk management and finance, business management, and strategic communications. Her successful career with a Fortune 50 financial institution in an array of risk, business management and HR roles gives her a grounded and pragmatic perspective of the realities her clients face every day.

Meredith works with senior executives and leadership teams to design and implement human-centered people strategies and programs across their organizations. She advises on culture and organizational change initiatives, leadership and manager development, employee engagement, workforce shaping and performance management programs among others.

As a coach, Meredith supports leaders at every stage of their journey to become more change-adaptive, versatile, and collaborative to better navigate the complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing environments they operate in. She has developed and led senior executive coaching programs, internal coaching programs, team coaching engagements, and mentoring programs.

As a trained facilitator, Meredith strives to create experiences that help teams build stronger connection, solve problems, and make effective decisions. She has facilitated innumerable strategic planning workshops, leadership off-sites and retreats, town halls, employee engagement experiences, and teambuilding events. She also designs and facilitates training programs on a range of learning and development topics. 

Meredith has a BA in English from George Mason University and an MS in Finance from American University. She is a certified Professional Coach and a graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program and Georgetown University Facilitation Program.