scottScott Talan
Leading with Social Media

Scott Talan, MPA, is an assistant professor of Public & Strategic Communication at American University. Talan is an expert in social media and personal branding honed through communications experience in four distinct fields: TV News, Politics, Nonprofits/NGO’s and Higher Education. Talan has worked at ABC News, the United Nations, Harvard University, and the March of Dimes.

Starting in 2005 Professor Talan was an early leader in using social media in the classroom. For several years Talan has taught a social media strategies course and created two new courses about identity online and social media.

Talan has spoken numerous times (from TEDx to the Social Learning Summit to giving a ‘Last Lecture’) on the topic and been interviewed by national and international media (CNN, BBC, CCTV, ABC News, AP, Atlantic Media, Fortune Magazine etc ) about various aspects of social media as well.

Recently, Scott served as a legal consultant in a highly watched court case revolving around the impacts and damage to online reputation and social media. Talan also was as an elected city council member and Mayor of Lafayette, California.

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